Round Cable Stripper MK-02

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Round Cable Stripper

Round Cable Stripper MK-02

1. Specifications

Round Cable Stripper for smaller diameter cables: 0.178 to 1.14 inches (4.5 - 29 mm)

2. Description

Round Cable Stripper

A hand cable stripper is for the fast and effective removal of outer insulations from round cables between 4.5 and 28.5mm diameter.

It consists of a spring-loaded gripping arm, and an adjustable cutting blade which can penetrate up to a depth of 3mm. 

A simple grip and rotate action will cut cleanly around the circumference of the cable. 

The blade may then be turned through 90° by depressing the side button.

This allows the tool to cut along the length of the cable, enabling the insulation to be peeled away easily. 

It is also equipped with a spring-loaded ripping blade situated at the base of the tool to facilitate insulation removal.


· Cable stripper for outer jackets & insulations from 4.5 mm to 28.5 mm O.D. (0.18 to 1.12 inches)

· Stripping action is both circumferential, then longitudinal for removal of insulation section at the end or mid span of wires

· Adjustable depth up to 3 mm (0.12 inch) cutting depth

· Chisel point blade for harder coverings is standard; spherical blade design for softer insulation optional

· Handy spring-loaded ripping blade at base of tool to facilitate insulation removal

· Solid construction for rugged applications

· Optional model without ripping blade

· Stripping Capacity – 4.5 mm to 28.5 mm O.D. (0.18 to 1.12 inches)