fiber optic cable stripper (horizontal)

  • BRANDFiberTC
  • TYPETC-5

fiber optic cable stripper (horizontal)

TC-5 fiber optic cable stripper (horizontal)

TC-5 universal cable stripper, used for stripped cable insulation layer, 

stripped diameter up to 25mm (diameter 1 inch) above, at a depth of 0-5 mm. 

According to the external insulation thickness, using the adjusting screw can adjust the peeling depth (0-5 MM).

The operator has to hold the blade, using the thumb guide, so that in either direction of peeling. 

Through the small move and at the same time along the insulating gear pressure, 

we can smooth the peeling. Any time the blade can be in length and peeling between the diameters of conversion.

In order to remove the insulating joint, it is pressed into the insulation inside the blade.