Electrodes of fiber fusion splicer

  • BRANDJiLong
  • TYPEKL-280

Electrodes of fusion splicer

Electrodes of fiber fusion splicer 

▶superior and stable performance

▶ Long-last lifespan, electrode Life time more than 3000 times 

▶ Compatible with various fusion splicers

▶TengChang production of optical fiber fusion splicer electrode to improve the market  cost-effective.

Fujikura: FSM-40R24, 40S, 40S-B, 40S-F, 40S-PM, 16S, 15S, 30S 20R, 16R, 30R

Furukawa: S182PM, 182PM-H, 182A, 182K, 175V2000 (S198 THE SAME), 176CF, 176CR S199M, S199S S-174

Sumitomo: TYPE-39, TYPE-37SE, TYPE-37, TYPE-65, TYPE-36, T35, T62, T63

Ericsson: SU-925, 975,995 RSU-08, RSU-12

Ilsintech: Swift-F1


Jilong: KL-300T, KL-280

41th: AV6471

DVP: 720/730/750