Portable Optical Power Meter

  • BRANDFiberTC
  • TYPEH306

Portable Optical Power Meter

Portable Optical Power Meter H306


       The portable optical power meter and red light source all-in-one machine is a new generation of measuring instruments developed through many years of design experience and can meet the current latest measuring requirements in the optical communication field. It can accurately measure the intensity of input optical signals on up to 6 strictly calibrated operating wavelengths. This makes this instrument become a strong tool on many application occasions such as the installation, operation and maintenance of optical fiber networks and the measurement experiment of factories and research units.


High sensitivity and ultra-wide dynamic measuring range

The reference value can be set to perform REF relative measurement

New function of user self-calibration

Logarithm power (dBm) and linear power (xW) index measurement

Automatic memorization of operating parameters set by the user

Frequency identification function of input optical signals

Automatic off function can be set

Real-time display of battery level

Backlight automatic off function is optional

Universal interface design without the necessity of complex conversion

Performance indexes



Type A

  Type C

Detector Type


Operating wavelength (nm)


Measuring range (nm)

-70 to +10 @1550nm 

-50 to +30 @1550nm

Precision (dB


Linearity (dB)






Frequency identification


Power meter optical interface

Universal interface

Continuous operating time (h)

>40 (@ liquid crystal backlight off, no red light output)

Power supply mode

Two AA batteries

Automatic off time (min)


Operating temperature (℃)

-10 to +50

Storage temperature (℃)

-20 to +70

Storage humidity


Dimensions (mm)

165´65´35 (L ´ W ´ H)

Weight (g)

£ 200

Operational Descriptions:



                  Function Description



Long press to turn on/off the machine. Short press to switch the automatic off function



Liquid crystal backlight key. Short press to switch backlight states 



Wavelength selection key. Short press to switch operating wavelengths



Short press to view a reference value. Long press to set a reference value to the current measuring value



Short press to switch display units


Test loss operation:

1. Measure reference signals in the measuring mode.

2. Long press the REF key to save a measuring reference value.

3. A saved measuring value is an attenuation value.

4. View the measuring reference value by short pressing REF.

5. Query about the current actual measuring value by short pressing the unit toggle key (图片关键词 key).

Self-calibration operation:

               Press 图片关键词 and 图片关键词 keys at the same time. The current test wavelength flashes. Enter the self-calibration mode. 

Perform up-regulation and down-regulation using 图片关键词 key and 图片关键词 key respectively. After calibration, 

short press 图片关键词 key to save a calibration value and finish self-calibration.